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Stockport is the town where I grew up, though it’s easier to say that I’m from Manchester since people know where that is and is a much more interesting place. I had the chance to visit Stockport recently and it’s been a while since I’ve been in the town centre itself.

There is not much to see here really, like many town centers where high streets are on the decline, towns need to find fresh ways fo attracting visitors. But some of the iconic buildings and architecture from Stockport’s industrial past still give it a certain character, and continue to be re-purposed and renewed.

The highlight is probably The Plaza, a cinema and theatre which was built in the thirties. It has a certain beauty and charm that can only be found in the buildings of that Art Deco period. It remains an active venue for performing arts and cinema.

If you ever travel in to Manchester by train you’ll go over Stockport town centre on one of the most incredible viaducts.



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