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Transporter Bridge

Transporter 2

Icon of Teesside

The North East has some of the craziest structures you’ll ever see. The most striking feature of the Middlesbrough skyline is the Tess Transporter Bridge. So iconic is the bridge, that the local council use an outline of the structure in the town’s logo.

It opened in 1911 as a replacement for over crowded ferries. Personally I’m not sure why they didn’t just build a proper bridge, like the one further down the river. It is quite an incredible piece of engineering, all just to take the ferry off the water and instead suspend a “gondola” from wires to hover across the river.

There is a visitor centre too if you want to find out more about it.

About the Photo

I wanted to try and capture bridge at dusk, while the sky still had some colour and with the lights from bridge causing reflections. A narrow aperture helps make the light get those rays!

ISO 160, 4s at f/13 on my Olympus 12mm

This other image was take a little earlier, getting the sun rays at sunset.

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