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Pisa, Italy

Pisa is famous for its wonky tower, though after two weeks in Italy, it is clear that it is not the only wonky tower in this country. Apparently built without sufficient foundations, it has now been made safe enough for tourists to climb up it. Superman tried to straighten it in the film, if you remember, but without a wonky tower perhaps people wouldn’t visit Pisa.

The tower is actually part of a cathedral complex known as the Square of Miracles, that includes a cathedral, a baptistery, cemetery and the bell tower. Each building stands apart from the others and all equally impressive architecturally.

It wasn’t the best time of day for photos, as we were there in the middle of the day. One of the consequences of relying on public transport.

Pisa is about thirty minutes from Marina Di Pietrasanta, where we had been staying for a few days as part of our two week tour.



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