I just like taking and making pictures!

I am a software developer and Baptist Minister based in North East England with an interest in art & photography. This is my personal blog and home for all things creative. Every image on this site was created by me using my cameras, software or plain old paints and brushes.

Thank you for taking the time to explore.

Common Questions

Can I use your images?

All the images and written content on this site are Copyright © 2000-2022 Tim Hyde. Unauthorised publication on web pages or in print is an infringement of copyright.

But you can for personal and non-commercial uses, use images under the following conditions:

If you want to use any of my images commercially or have questions please do get in touch.

Do you sell your art?

Sure, I have sold a number of pieces over the years, so always open to offers. I have even done the odd commission.

Just get in touch below.

How did you build this amazing web site?

It was built using Hugo! No not the name of some buddy. That’s the tool I used to build this site.

I chose to build this site using Hugo, the world’s fastest static site generator. There are many advantages of static sites; quick, secure, free to host among them!

Learn more at Go Hugo. Or get in touch if you need some help with this kind of stuff.

Have a Different Question?

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So I can reply!

Be brief! And NO, I'm not interested in PPI, remote developer teams or exchanging money with anybody on the other side of the world!