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Banff, Canada

From Calgary we headed into the Rockies, spending some time around Banff. Banff is surrounded by the most incredible natural beauty in the form of mountains, lakes and wildlife.

Head a short trip North East and you discover Lake Minnewanka and Johnson Lake, and may be the odd wildlife sighting, such as this Black Bear. Yes it is brown! But black bears can be brown too, apparently!

Stay in Banff and take a walk along the Bow River to see the falls. We even saw deer crossing the river.

Then there is Morant’s Curve. Yes a famous Railway curve that sweeps the 2 mile-long trains through the Rockies.

Last but most definitely top of the list of things to see are the lakes: Lake Louise and Lake Emerald. Top tip: do not visit during the day in summer. You will spend several hours queuing either in the car or waiting for a shuttle bus. We went in the evening after 8pm and while there are still plenty of people around you can at least get near to the lake.



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